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a word from the CEO

In half a century, Arcadia has become synonymous with premium aluminum, glass and wood fittings, growing five times bigger and better than when it first started.

By being true to our word and committing to our ongoing quest for quality, improvement and ultimate customer satisfaction, we have built our achievements and created our success story, gradually but surely.

Our company started with a real innovation in the world of aluminum fittings and grew into one of the ten leading aluminum, glass and wood fittings businesses in Lebanon,


thriving on research, ground-breaking techniques and the development of its human element.

Throughout our long and highly rewarding journey, our team has been the engine to our progress, with its unwavering loyalty, firm determination and superior skills.

With the contribution of every staff member,we were able to exceed ourcustomers’ expectations by providing them with the best products and services that answer the highest international standards

  Today, we look at the future with confidence and belief that Arcadia s.a.r.l. will rise up to the growing demand, establishing itself once again as an industry innovator and pioneer on the local and regional markets, with the ultimate aim of becoming the preferred aluminum, glass and wood fittings partner of leading construction projects in the MENA region

company overview

Established in 1964 as the exclusive agent of Arcadia USA in Lebanon - the leading worldwide curtain-walling company - Arcadia has grown into a leading business that specializes in the manufacturing, assembly, sales and installation of premium aluminum, glass and wood fittings in the MENA region.

Within four decades, Arcadia had evolved into an entirely independent entity operating under the legal name Arcadia s.a.r.l. and servicing a large portfolio of private, residential and commercial customers in both the local and the regional markets.

Today, the company provides a wide spectrum of aluminum, glass and wood fittings outsourced from
  a world-class network of suppliers and manufactured locally to the highest international standards.

A real success story, Arcadia s.a.r.l. remains at the forefront of the latest technological advances by means of research and direct participation to industry-leading exhibitions around the globe, with focus on American and European events.

We constantly evolve by adopting the procedures, standards & technologies that would constantly ensure the premium quality & punctual delivery of our projects by the most qualified professionals, so we would always be your preferred partner in aluminum, glass and wood fittings.

mission & vision

our mission 


Cherishing values like quality, customer satisfaction and professionalism, we strive to be at the service of our customers from the time of the first contact to the time of delivery. We are always there to answer your specific needs and project requirements in a timely manner without compromising on premium quality. 


our vision


We constantly aim to improve our performance and achieve better results to become the number one company in the manufacturing, assembly, sales and installation of premium aluminum, glass and wood fittings in the MENA region, enjoying a worldwide reputation for unrivalled quality, impeccable customer service and timely delivery.

our team

With a long and proven track record in the business, Arcadia’s team of experts is one of the company’s core assets. Gathering 24 professional staff members and 86 skilled workers, the Arcadia team plays a vital role in sustaining the company’s success story on a daily basis.

Guided by the vision and expertise of its management, our team leaves nothing to hazard, always seeking to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Divided under 10 different departments and constantly growing in number, the team bustles with hard-working, resourceful and experienced members, all sharing a synergy rarely found in other firms.
  To enhance its competencies, the Arcadia team undergoes continuous trainings and attends extensive workshops allowing our staff to stay in the loop of the best industry practices across all fields and specializations.

our organizational chart

Aluminium in Lebanon, Aluminum in Lebanon, Aluminum companies in Lebanon